Writing for rock|salt complete!

I posted earlier about the rock|salt project, my current art/poetry collaboration with Elspeth Knight, mixed media artist. Quite an incredible experience, working alongside a visual artist, who has interpreted my poems in a multitude of unexpected and beautiful ways. Each poem is linked with the heritage of the South of Fife – mining, fishing, agricultureContinue reading “Writing for rock|salt complete!”

Black Bough Poetry: Deep Time project

My poem ‘Cyclic’ recently appeared in Black Bough Poetry’s astonishing second volume of their Deep Time publication. The poem itself began life on the Isle of Skye in 2016, and resided, buried, in a notebook for a few years, before resurfacing and being remoulded for the Deep Time submission call. All the poems in thisContinue reading “Black Bough Poetry: Deep Time project”

Silk and Smoke: ‘Fusion’

I’m delighted to have a new poem, ‘Fusion’, published in Silk and Smoke issue 2: https://silkandsmoke.com/portfolio/fusion-by-larissa-reid/ Silk and Smoke is a beautiful publication, and I had them in mind when I was working on the final draft of ‘Fusion’. It’s brilliant to be a small part of a fairly new, local (Edinburgh-based) online magazine. OneContinue reading “Silk and Smoke: ‘Fusion’”