Writing for rock|salt complete!

I posted earlier about the rock|salt project, my current art/poetry collaboration with Elspeth Knight, mixed media artist. Quite an incredible experience, working alongside a visual artist, who has interpreted my poems in a multitude of unexpected and beautiful ways. Each poem is linked with the heritage of the South of Fife – mining, fishing, agriculture all make an appearance. There are nods to elements of history that may have been previously overlooked – femininity and the roles of women being two of those elements at the forefront of our minds as we work on this project. I am delighted to say that I have completed the 21 poems that will feature in rock|salt, and there will be a book to accompany our exhibition in Burntisland later this year.

Mixed media artist Elspeth Knight working on pieces for rock|salt

You can follow our collaboration as it unfolds on Instagram [at]rocksaltproject, on Facebook (search for Rock Salt) and through my own Twitter feed @ammonitesandstars. https://www.instagram.com/rocksaltproject/

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