‘Caesura’: new (tiny) poetry pamphlet available

I recently published my latest little poetry collection, ‘Caesura’ (trigger warning: miscarriage, loss and grief). This tiny A6 booklet is a reflection on a difficult time in my life, back in summer 2006. I lost twins through ectopic pregnancy; I was quite young and didn’t really ‘face’ what was happening at the time. Only recently, with help, have I had the courage to look at the event and attempt to write about it. I hope that this little book is filled with hope as much as it is sadness and pain. I hope that the hope shimmers through, by the end.

Caesura poetry pamphlet by Larissa Reid; mini review by Elsa Panciroli.

‘Caesura’ is available direct from me for £4 inc. UK P&P – please message me using the contact box on this blog to order your copy.

Published by Larissa

Science writer & poet

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